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Override Tracking Parameters / Call To Action Tracking

Lets imagine you are driving traffic to your site using UTM parameters.


At this point we should capture a: 

  • Source = adwords
  • Medium = ppc
  • Campaign = test

Imagine you have a top banner on your page and also a sidebar button. Both buttons will take the web visitor to a signup form. Lets imagine you are trying to capture which call-to-action link the user clicked. Did they click the top banner or did they click the sidebar button? 

To track this, you could over-ride the content parameter based on which link they clicked:


If the user clicks on the side bar link, the resulting data that would be captured is: 

  • Source = adwords
  • Medium = ppc
  • Campaign = test
  • Content = side_bar

Basically, with iTracker360, you can over-ride the utm_content & utm_term parameters for the purpose of tracking call to action links or split testing.

If you try and over-ride the source, medium, or campaign – you could potentially over-write the entire tracking cookie which means you would lose the ‘adwords’ utm data.

Here is a short video on Call to Action tracking / Over-riding specific tracking parameters.

Updated on April 22, 2020

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