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How Does The GeoIP / GDPR EU Tracking work?

iTracker360 has two features that utilize GeoIP Tracking.

  • GeoIP / TimeZone Tracking
    • We can capture the users city, state, postal code, country, and timezone
  • Country Tag Tracking / European Union Tracking
    • Based on their existing country fields, or the country we get from the users IP Address, we can apply a tag for the users country or if inside the EU, we can apply a European Union tag.

When we collect the IP Address of a user and send this IP Address through the most accurate GeoIP tracking service we could find, MaxMind.

They offer an API in which they charge a small fee ($) to find the Geo Tracking data based on an IP Address. In the early years of iTracker360, we tried using a Free IP Lookup provider but the results were very in-accurate so we bit the bullet and moved to a paid provider for more accurate data.

This is why the GeoIP tracking is only included in the iTracker360 Ultimate version. We basically pay money for each IP Lookup that we perform. 

If you would like to enable GeoIP Tracking (city, state, postal code, country, timezone) then just enable these two options:

If you would like to enable Country Tracking or European Union Tagging, just go to the Advanced Settings area and look for the Country Tag / European Union tracking feature.

Here is a video on setting up the GDPR / European Union Tracking

Updated on April 22, 2020

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