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What Is The Leadsource Organizer?

Leadsources are created in several ways, usually created by the Infusionsoft Tracking Code, iTracker360, manually created, or some other process/script created it. But what normally happens is that the leadsources get out of hand pretty quick. I’ve seen accounts with thousands of leadsources before.

Unforutunately, there is not an easy way to bulk delete leadsources, or re-assign people from one leadsource to the other on an automated basis, or bulk assign categories to Leadsources.

This is what the Leadsource Organizer tool is for.

  1. Bulk Assign Leadsource Categories
  2. Bulk Delete Leadsources
  3. Automatically Re-Assign Leadsources to Contacts

Here is a full video series on how to setup and use the Leadsource Organizer:

Keep in mind that just because you delete a Leadsource does not mean it will never come back. Sometimes they can get re-created.

Updated on April 22, 2020

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