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Does iTracker360 work with Keap Pro, Keap Max, and Max Classic?

Keap Pro, Max, and Classic all share the same backend database. You can test this by logging into your Keap account and viewing your users using the first URL below. Then view the second URL by adding your Application Name. The second URL is actually Keap Max Classic.

1) https://keap.app/settings/users

2) https://<YOUR APP NAME>.infusionsoft.com/Reports/searchTemplate.jsp?reportClass=SetupUser&view=resultsPage

As you can see, Keap Pro/Max/Classic all share the same backend.

Keap Max Classic allows you to add tracking codes to your hosted web forms. They also allow you to copy the raw HTML code for your optin form and embed that form on your site. You can also use a number of plugins such as Gravity Forms, Lead Pages, Ninja Forms, and so on to integrate with if you do not want to use the standard Keap forms. All of this is supported by iTracker360.

Keap Pro/Max does not allow you to embed tracking codes on your hosted web forms. For this reason, iTracker360 can not support those webforms. If you embed these forms on your site, we are still not able to track these leads because of how their embed works. However; if you are using 3rd party forms / landing pages such as Gravity Forms, Lead Pages, Ninja forms, etc and sending these leads to Keap by using Zapier – then yes you can track these leads with iTracker360.

So in a nutshell – it depends on how you are capturing leads with Keap Pro/Max. If you are using the standard forms that Keap provides, then no, it’s not technically possible to track these leads. If you are using some other type of form that integrates with Keap via the API, then yes we can probably track these leads. Feel free to try out the Free Version of iTracker360 to test it out!

Updated on March 31, 2023

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