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What’s An API Sync Credit?

1 Credit = 1 Contact

When we capture tracking data, here is what we do.  We send this data to an API Gateway -> then into a Queue -> then it’s Pushed into Infusionsoft.

When we push this data into a contact record, this uses 1 Sync Credit. All accounts using the Free Version of iTracker360 have 30 sync credits per month, which reset on the 1’st of the month.

All iTracker360 Ultimate accounts receive unlimited sync credits.

The Free Version will set the Leadsource of a contact record IF you are using a standard Infusionsoft Form. This means the form data is posted directly to Infusionsoft. In this case, we are able to set a leadsource through the form submission itself, which is stored instantly. Then we push the rest of the data using the API Sync method through the Infusionsoft API and update the contact records custom fields with the rest of the tracking data.

If you run out of sync credits, we are unable to push any data through the API and into Infusionsoft.

Updated on April 22, 2020

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